Countertops ideas for Stylish Kitchen

Nowadays, it has been usually observed the women are more specific & caring to maintain the kitchen interior, so it is very frightening time to select the right one material for it while construction. Especially, to select the top quality taps, sinks, water purifier and hearth… most important is selection of countertops. In the market, large variations of Kitchen countertop of different materials are presented by manufacturers.

Let’s see how Countertops are used in Kitchen’s…..!!

To make a slabs where you have to cook food over the flame.

It can be used to cover the top sides and outer sink area.

If you have open style kitchen, then it can be used to construct the awesome center table.


The material availability of countertops at Rock-Tops store is marble, granite, quartz, concrete, soapstone, travertine and more at reasonable cost. They are professional installers of granite countertops in Minnesota area for Kitchens and bathrooms as well as expertise in repairing and installing of the flooring according to latest tendency.


Tips to Remove Stains from Granite & Marble Countertops


Everyone has dream to live their life beautiful which should be fully constructed with granite and marble stone. These two types of stones give the attractive look to home and it is very important to all of us to take care its cleaning. No doubt, stones are highly resisted to heat and scratch unlike the glass and wood. Usually, both stones are used for countertops purpose in kitchen and flooring of the home. To clean them in daily routine, there is huge availability of cleaner liquids in the market.

As many of liquids like sauce, coffee, wine, vinegar while from utensils, leave their stain over the slabs. So, this major concern to how to choose the chemical free cleaner who clean the granite and marble stone in effective manner for their long lasting age. Because, some cleaners contain the chemical ammonia which damage the surface of stones & make it insensitive.


Always make a use pH balanced cleaner & detergent with soft cloth & apply it over the dirt portion then rub in smooth manner. After that, apply the water on the surface and move your over it to identify the clean of stain…Is it has been clean! Then, simply roll over soft dry cloth over to keep its surface dried out.

In case of any query, contact rock-tops experts about the marble & Minnesota granite cleaning.

Appoint Countertop Installation Experts in Minnesota

Nowadays, people prefer to construct the home according to the advice of architects to get the unique and modern look. Professional architect helps them from ground-up to the full & finalized construction that covers the quality & type of material should be used for its long term worth. They also suggest us about the range & brand of the material which will more suitable for the appropriate area.


The responsibility of the entire home construction doesn’t depend upon the single person. Instead, many of person are includes for each phase of the construction development. Professionals for build the basic concrete structure, for paint and polishing, for wooden work, for flooring etc…


The crucial decision arises when we talk about the flooring and installation of countertops with cut stones, because each of the Countertop installation requires the different specifications. Rock tops in Minnesota are professional installers of granite, quartz, marble stones in genuine cost & provide the fine quality of material & their services.  In addition to that they also serve nearby areas of Twin city, Burnsville and Cambria.

Trendy Flooring Ideas for Home & Business Offices

Picking the right ground surface for any place is a major decision. Sometime it is not always quick to just draw up tile, wood, or floor mats and pull it back to the store in the event. In that case, you need to find other alternatives that can be enduring.   At the point when the time comes to swap your ground surface, you’ll need to take a try of a material that is everlasting in regards to its quality. To help you with this imperative choice, here’s a manual for the absolute most famous ground surface alternatives and how they can best for flooring.

Limestone & Marble Flooring

Marble and limestone are two normal stone materials that are accessible in a wide range of dark, white, beige, and other common tones. With particular specks and granular examples, both limestone and marble include a moment touch of lavish style to any floor. For instance, a marble or limestone floor can be easily interchanged in straightforward manner.


Travertine Flooring

Travertine is one of today’s most well known calcium-based stone ground surface alternatives. It is sturdy however ought to be appropriately fixed and kept up. Recognized by its permeable composition, travertine will right away add character and measurements. For more appeal, you can exploit the late outline pattern of dark neutrals, travertine is regularly a light ivory or beige shading, which will be reciprocal.


For any assistance & query, contact Rock-tops are leading contractor of Marble & Granite Countertops and flooring at Minnesota area.

Re-modularized your Kitchens with Quartz Countertops

The trend of modular kitchen is growing so far… there are so many alternatives of material are available in the market to make a modularized kitchen. It includes Butcher block, soap stone, stainless steel, concrete, tile, quartz, granite and more. Each of the material showcases their own place, pros and cons.

Minnesota based Rock Tops is renowned Quartz countertops contractor specialized for Kitchen and bathrooms. Naturally, granite comes in black, grey, green, brown colours. It’s important to choose slabs carefully and be sure to mark the seam areas, so that the variations match up pleasingly.

Reasons to choose Quartz Countertops MN…..!!


  • Not at all like high-support rock and marble, Quartz strongly stain repellent and impenetrable to acidic nourishments.
  • It’s impervious to scratches and chips. You don’t need to stress over your ledges looking destroyed from typical wear and tear.
  • Quartz doesn’t require any seal protection, though rock and marble require at any rate yearly medications.



  • The most compelling motivation for the late surge in quartz’s notoriety can likely be followed in the man-made stone’s style.
  • Experienced quartz makers know very well how to give natural, artistic and uniform look to common stone.


  • Quartz falls directly in the middle of granite and marble. Little bit costly that marble & cheaper than granite.

Advantages to use Granite Stone

Usually everyone get confused while constructing either a new home, business office, general stores, boutiques, shopping malls or hotels and many more. To get a long life, interactive and beautiful look, depends upon the quality of material used during construction. It basically covers the sand, bricks, cement, small stones etc… With the help of this combination of material basic structure of building ready. After that, the situation arise to take a serious decision about the electricity material, wall paints, wooden work and flooring..!!


If we talk about the Flooring, there is huge collection of marbles, tiles (of different sizes), granite stones are available in the market. Each of them has its own pros and cons.

Here, we will share some interesting advantages of Granite over Marble:

  • The flooring with granite is very shiny and polished. In case, if it gets dull then it can be easily re-polished again.
  • There are so many variations of colors are available of granite such as black, brown, green etc.
  • It is always scratch and stain proof.
  • Well suitable to huge assortment coverage.
  • Easy and simple to clean.
  • It is sturdy for every sort of ground surface.

Various types of customized Minnesota granite for bathrooms, kitchen, and stylish st paul countertops with appropriate estimate are available at Rock-Top.