Tips to Remove Stains from Granite & Marble Countertops


Everyone has dream to live their life beautiful which should be fully constructed with granite and marble stone. These two types of stones give the attractive look to home and it is very important to all of us to take care its cleaning. No doubt, stones are highly resisted to heat and scratch unlike the glass and wood. Usually, both stones are used for countertops purpose in kitchen and flooring of the home. To clean them in daily routine, there is huge availability of cleaner liquids in the market.

As many of liquids like sauce, coffee, wine, vinegar while from utensils, leave their stain over the slabs. So, this major concern to how to choose the chemical free cleaner who clean the granite and marble stone in effective manner for their long lasting age. Because, some cleaners contain the chemical ammonia which damage the surface of stones & make it insensitive.


Always make a use pH balanced cleaner & detergent with soft cloth & apply it over the dirt portion then rub in smooth manner. After that, apply the water on the surface and move your over it to identify the clean of stain…Is it has been clean! Then, simply roll over soft dry cloth over to keep its surface dried out.

In case of any query, contact rock-tops experts about the marble & Minnesota granite cleaning.


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