Re-modularized your Kitchens with Quartz Countertops

The trend of modular kitchen is growing so far… there are so many alternatives of material are available in the market to make a modularized kitchen. It includes Butcher block, soap stone, stainless steel, concrete, tile, quartz, granite and more. Each of the material showcases their own place, pros and cons.

Minnesota based Rock Tops is renowned Quartz countertops contractor specialized for Kitchen and bathrooms. Naturally, granite comes in black, grey, green, brown colours. It’s important to choose slabs carefully and be sure to mark the seam areas, so that the variations match up pleasingly.

Reasons to choose Quartz Countertops MN…..!!


  • Not at all like high-support rock and marble, Quartz strongly stain repellent and impenetrable to acidic nourishments.
  • It’s impervious to scratches and chips. You don’t need to stress over your ledges looking destroyed from typical wear and tear.
  • Quartz doesn’t require any seal protection, though rock and marble require at any rate yearly medications.



  • The most compelling motivation for the late surge in quartz’s notoriety can likely be followed in the man-made stone’s style.
  • Experienced quartz makers know very well how to give natural, artistic and uniform look to common stone.


  • Quartz falls directly in the middle of granite and marble. Little bit costly that marble & cheaper than granite.

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